Live Streaming Apps Development for Mobile Platforms

Enterprises are making huge investments in live streaming application development domain. The success of applications like YouTube, Hulu, Google Play, Netflix, and Twitch etc. is a big turn-on for businesses to enter the market. That’s the reason, live video streaming application market is becoming an eye-candy for the businesses and startups.

If you too are interested in capitalizing on this hot piece of cake, then The Ninehertz can help you in providing a comprehensive range of live streaming apps development solutions delivering high-end capabilities to stream interactive live video content covering live sports, TV, Movies, Web Series and many more. We also build the best music streaming app which will let you listen to your favourite tracks without any interruption.

Whether it’s developing a live streaming app from scratch, extending the functionality of an existing app, or integrating with the existing platforms, we assure you that you will get the right solution to fulfill all your business needs. At last with all being said, as the best mobile live streaming app development company, we invite you to hire us and kick-start your project.

You wont manage with the issue on your own, so we’ll help you to create an app with mobile live video features of the top-level quality.

The Agilie team has entered the video streaming app development market with the app for Android and iOS platforms. is focused on socialization and reaching the widest possible audience. It features integration with popular platforms including YouTube and Facebook, multi-account channels, real-time messaging during broadcasts, and viewing pre-recorded clips on demand. Users can freely share videos on the internet through this live video streaming app for Android and iOS.

Using this practical experience, we’ve become highly qualified to help you develop a live streaming app of any scope — from an MVP to a full-fledged social platform. And we’ll make sure you avoid the most common pitfalls that may occur during both app development and marketing. It means you’ll get mobile live stream apps for your business which surpass all imagination.